My De-Clutter Disaster

December 1, 2011 § 2 Comments

Um, yeah. So when you’re de-cluttering it is important to make sure you don’t throw out a project your kid worked on for several hours and is due after the holiday break.

You see, our kids have never, ever had homework assigned over a holiday weekend. That’s why, when I did my clean sweep of my 10 year-old’s backpack over Thanksgiving break (while his dad took him to the movies), I tossed out a map of the United States that was meticulously labeled with the state names and capitals. I assumed it was a project he’d done in class, so into the bin it went!

I forgot all about it until yesterday when George returned from dropping the kids off at school and told me that our youngest had lost the school project that was due, and, boy, had he really lit into him. We’ve been having some issues with the kids not being organized and losing their stuff, so when he lost something yet again, George just went sort of nuts – the way a parent goes nuts when they’ve already gone nuts over the same topic 497 times.

Turns out that George had him complete the project early while I was out of the home on one of my jaunts to the corporate office. I had no idea that any of that had happened, which is why I assumed that it was an in-class project he had just brought home for us to see.

So poor little guy gets lambasted for being disorganized and it’s really my fault.

Cue the guilt.

George went in to talk to the teacher about what had happened, and it turns out that she extended the deadline to Friday anyway. Whew.

Fortunately this kid is pretty easygoing and he took it in stride. He just re-did it and handed it in this morning. It looked great. I still feel awful.

I have apologized profusely to both dad and son, and I learned a valuable lesson: Don’t throw other people’s stuff out without checking with them first. (Mostly.)

Have you had any de-cluttering mishaps?

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§ 2 Responses to My De-Clutter Disaster

  • “so when he lost something yet again, George just went sort of nuts – the way a parent goes nuts when they’ve already gone nuts over the same topic 497 times.”

    I can relate to that, and the guilt. My four year old looked at me with his big big big blue eyes and said – Mom I had something really cool (metal man memo holder) in my drawer, but I lost it. Sad face.
    I still haven’t told him that I donated it. I tried to find a replacement but could only find a whole lot of garbage like this:,or.r_gc.r_pw.,cf.osb&biw=1280&bih=616&um=1&ie=UTF-8&tbm=shop&cid=8996506636312200988&sa=X&ei=27K-TvGjBYbkiAKl6JX2Ag&ved=0CIcBEPMCMAY#ps-sellers
    That deterred me from buying a replacement. He’s forgotten it, but I clearly haven’t. Oh, and Squirrel threw away a whole garbage bag of my mother’s Christmas gifts once. That went over real well!

  • joiekarp says:

    ah, it seems to happen to all of us. I got rid of my old walking cast a few months back only to break another bone in my foot and end up right back in one again, along with having to pay for another one.

    but hey, we make a few decluttering mistakes. but getting it right so many other times makes it worth it for me! (if my husband would stop reminding me about the cast incident that would be great though.)

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