Add Some Mini Fixes to the Mix

June 23, 2011 § Leave a Comment

When simplifying, de-cluttering and otherwise marching toward minimalism, I often focus on the big projects. Tackling that garbage-filled garage, emptying my over-filled fridge or clearing out the closets are all very important to keeping up my minimalist momentum.
But I’ve also discovered that taking care of a series of little things can also contribute to a more peaceful existence.
To wit: I’ve been lugging around lanyard with a bunch of heavy keys. Not only do I not know what several of these keys are for, but the three keys I do use on a regular basis aren’t marked and they look identical to my mystery keys (the other one is my mail key and it’s smaller). So basically when I need one of the three usable keys I have to flip through all of the other keys. Big nuisance several times a day.

Keys before...

I have finally taken action. I removed the unidentified keys and marked the good keys with labels from my awesome label maker. I’ve shaved several minutes of annoyance out of my day by taking five minutes to do something I should have done years ago.

Keys after!

Other little annoyances I’ve recently tackled include cleaning out my skate bag (which was inexplicably filled with wrappers, receipts and pens), putting a container of sunscreen in the glovebox (never know when you’re going to need it),  and placing dedicated hooks by the door for my newly de-cluttered keys and the dog’s leash. These are small things, but the time I save with these simple steps has brought even more serenity to my life.
I encourage you to keep focusing on the big things, but also take a look at what small aggravations you could eliminate. You’ll surprised how much easier all these little fixes can make your life.
What mini fix can you add to the mix?
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